1977 Piper Lance For Sale


Club Seating and other Goodies


This Lance is awesome. It is the second Lance we have had.

Actually, we leased the first one.
When it was sold I started looking for a replacement.

I looked at everything.
I looked at twins and of course, I looked at Bonanzas.
They are great planes and cruise about 15 KTAS faster…but, and I didn’t realize this until sitting in one…they are smaller.

They get their speed from having a thinner fuselage. In the Bonanza, when sitting in the center row, the passengers shoulders touch. In the Lance, there is a nice sized arm rest, about 10 inches wide between the center row seats (see pictures below). This gives you an idea of the width difference.
In the end I came back to the Lance.

The guy I initially leased a Lance from always called it the minivan of the sky. I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that…but after cramming my family of 5 into it, with all sorts of gear and kids stuff…I came to really like that description.

Useful load is 1455#.
Full family load on 100 degree day, happily climbs on out.

  • It cruises at 150 KTAS.
  • Burns 15 gallons per hour at cruise.
  • Hold 98 gallons.
  • Basically, your bladder is going to be the limit to your range.
  • No damage history
piper lance pa-32r-300 for sale
piper lance pa-32r for sale

That is not me…

Club Seating!

Piper Lance with club seating for sale

6-Place Intercom

Piper Lance for sale
Piper Lance for sale

You really can’t beat club seating!

piper lance
Piper Lance for Sale

Always in a Hanger…Except when on the road, then the Canopy Cover is used.

piper lance for sale

Avionics Include GNS-430 and Apsen 1000

XM-Weather Through Aspen

Century IIIb Autopilot ties into GPS Steer


piper lance for sale

No Altitude Hold but does have GPS Steer

piper lance for sale autocontrol iii
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale

The last owner had this pencil sketch done. The next owner will get it.

piper lance for sale

FYI, I had the NDB wire antenna and unit removed.

piper lance for sale

Summary of Details:

  • Airframe time: approx 4800
  • Engine Time: approx 800
  • Club Seating
  • GNS-430 (Not WAAS)
  • No ADS-B
  • Aspen 1000
  • XM-WX
  • Autopilot (GPS steer, no altitude hold)
  • 6-place intercom
  • Sheep Skin seat cover in front seats
  • Bruce’s Canopy Cover
  • Bruce’s Engine Cowl plugs
  • Useful Load 1455
  • Complete Log Books
  • No damage history

Some Documentation

Last Annual

Here is an exterior tour of this Lance

piper lance for sale
left wingtip piper lance
top of left wingtip piper lance
piper lance for sale
left elevator piper lance
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale
piper lance for sale
left main gear piper lance
right main gear piper lance

The leading edges have chipped paint

The above information on N2517Q is to assist in your search and is as accurate as possible, but a pre-buy inspection with a qualified mechanic and independent price valuation is the best way to be confident that you understand the aircraft you are purchasing.